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Why Hua Hsia IQChinese e-learning?

IQChinese is an innovative NEW TEACHING tool that cleverly combines computing power and multimedia technology to make learning Mandarin an easy, enjoyable and effective learning experience.

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What is provided?

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Who are we looking for?

You must be CRB checked. This can be organized through Hua Hsia Chinese Tuition Ltd

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What is the cost?

IQChinese eTutor package, £98.04, discounted from £118.04

Apprentice Teacher On line Training account for eTutor program, expires 6 months after account activation.

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eTutor workshop

Specialist eTutor workshops and training for Chinese teachers wishing to set up their own tutoring business.


10th October , 14 November , 12 December 2010
(every second Sunday of the month)


11.30am – 1.00pm


Holy Trinity CE Primary School,
Trinity Walk,
Maresfield Gardens,
NW3 5SQ.

If you like to take part, please fill in the application form a week before the workshop time.

Further details of workshop will send to you by e-mail a week before the day of event. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact  eTutor development Officer Amy Wen on 07850 048 598 or by email to  The workshop is free and places are limited.