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Product Unique Features

IQChinese understands the bottlenecks and challenges that learners face when learning Chinese as a second language. IQChinese courseware and software constitutes a unique, multimedia Chinese language learning system that integrates the familiarity of typing with a detailed, individual performance analysis into an easy-to-use, computer-friendly format that makes learning Mandarin Chinese easy, enjoyable, and effective.

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Spiral Curriculum

IQChinese GO courseware is an eight volume series, each volume containing ten lessons and each lesson introducing 12 new, high-frequency, common, and "everyday-type" Chinese words. The entire series employs a "spiral format" that builds on previously taught vocabulary while only introducing twelve new characters at a time. GO courseware allows learners to acquire Chinese in a systematic way. Based on J.S Bruner's educational theory called, "spiral curriculum", IQChinese GO courseware is designed to continually review Chinese characters which have previously been introduced, thus accumulating "reviewed" knowledge while simultaneously introducing "new knowledge".

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Type-to-Learn Methodology

Type-to-Learn is exactly what it says it is, a way to become fluent with one thousand basic, high-frequency Chinese characters by actually typing on your computer. Nothing special is needed, any basic keyboard is sufficient. You can see exactly what characters and tones are giving you the most difficulty and then hone in to correct them. This lets students use multiple learning styles based on sensory preferences: Visual Preferences, Tactile Preferences, Auditory Preferences, and Kinesthetic Preferences.

1. Read the text, see the Chinese characters
2. Type the text and select the correct tone mark
3. Hear the correct pronunciation and tone
4. Speak and/or type what has been learned

This is a unique approach that enhances the learner's word recognition, listening ability and reading ability simultaneously; in some cases, tripling the speed of learning.

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Encompass the 5 C's of Foreign Language Education Standard

The IQChinese GO curriculum facilitates interactive learning with theme-based lessons that can easily be adapted into daily life. Additionally, the curriculum is designed according to the K-12 educational framework in the United States and Canada.

COMMUNICATION: Apply Chinese to real life situations.
CULTURES: Explore Chinese cultural practices and perspectives.
CONNECTIONS: Connect Chinese with other subject areas.
COMPARISONS: Compare and contrast Chinese culture and language to English.
COMMUNITIES: Extend your language learning beyond the classroom.

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Learn Traditional and Simplified Chinese Characters

Each CD provides 10 lessons in both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. It's like getting 20 lessons for the price of 10. Use the lessons to learn either format or for comparison.

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The "Chant" Function Sings the Text in a Fun and Easy to Learn Rhythm

Research shows that academic material is easier learned in when presented in a musical format. The "Chant" function lets you hear the text sung by a native Chinese. It also lets you use only the Karaoke function to hear only the beat as you sing solo. Lastly, "Chant" also let you to hear the entire text spoken by a Chinese native speaker with no music.

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Type to Learn with the "Drill" Function

This is the heart of learning Chinese by typing. In Drill you see the character and must enter the correct Pinyin and tone mark before the character is spoken aloud. Drill motivates you to apply what you have learned.

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Detailed Summary Reports

By providing information on the student's performance, such as spelling accuracy, typing speed, number of characters tested, number of sentences tested, etc., the learner can easily determine where to focus and improve at a quicker rate than traditional Chinese language programs.

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Speaking Vocabulary for all Lessons

Learners can access each lesson's vocabulary to review characters, word definition, compare words with similar initials, finals, and pronunciation. In IQChinese Go courseware, a unique feature allows the student to actually hear the vocabulary spoken by a native speaker of Mandarin. In addition, a "mouse-over" Chinese character feature allows Pinyin to stay hidden from the text until needed, thus reinforcing character recognition.

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